Café des Tricoteurs

Every Monday, a festival of activities !

Since its creation, the "Café des Tricoteurs" has been a friendly, unpretentious, and welcoming place. 8 years later, its success is undeniable, and we are grateful for the loyalty of its public.

From 6pm, meet in the foyer to discover our menu of beers, softs and other sustainable drinks ! Feeling hungry ? Our pizza oven is working hard to offer you our squares with airy, crispy dough, topped with sustainable, ethical, and organic foods, which are the hallmark of La Tricoterie.

But what makes our "Café" so successful is the many activities on offer. The stars of the evening : the open stage and the jam session in our Salon, and the board games in our Foyer. But that’s not all : around these main activities, you can, depending on the Monday...

... come and repair your defective objects during our Repair Cafés
... participate in Kundalini yoga workshops.
... immerse yourself in Gong Baths
... escape with Disc Escapes
... breathe in the scent of essential oils workshops.
... be inspired by our documentary screenings in partnership with the Kinograph.
... attend plays such as “Le Coup d’un soir” or our gesticulated conferences,
... and much more !

As you will have understood, on Mondays, anything goes at La Tricoterie : follow the thread of our agenda, or simply let yourself be carried away by pushing our gate on any Monday evening...

Monday evening activities

Mondays have become a key day in our cultural season with activities abounding in all our venues.

The Open Stage and the Jam have been winning over a large audience for several years by bringing together the emerging music scene. Every Monday evening in the lounge, people sing, dance, and discover each other, in the pure spirit of the Link Factory.

In the Foyer, there are board game evenings and a friendly bar-resto.

But you can also, depending on the Monday...

... Come and repair your faulty objects during our Repair Cafés
... Participate in Kundalini yoga workshops.
... Immerse yourself in gong baths
... Escape with Disc Escapes
... Breathe in the scent of essential oils
... Discover our documentary and fiction screenings organised in partnership with Kinograph
... Attend and/or participate in theatrical performances such as Le Coup d’un soir
... Or come to one of our conferences.

As you can see, on Mondays, anything goes at La Tricoterie !

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