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Healthy and environmentally responsible catering

At La Tricoterie, we advocate a home-made and friendly cuisine, which respects the seasons and favours local, organic and fair-trade products.

By using our catering service, you will be able to offer your guests tasty dishes, based on good products, cooked healthily and without preservatives, supplied in reusable containers and (if possible) delivered by bicycle.

Suppliers and craftsmen who share our values

In all its activities, La Tricoterie aims to follow an eco-responsible logic. This is also reflected in the choice of our suppliers : we only use local craftsmen or small companies that work with local, seasonal, organic and fair-trade products.

To remain consistent with this commitment, we do not work with external service providers.

Our main suppliers are :

A cuisine that puts your health first

Our cuisine is vitamin-packed and prepared with care, both in terms of the choice of products (local, seasonal and/or organic) and the preparation and cooking methods of the ingredients. Our recipes are developed with a view to a balanced diet, offering dishes that are generous in vegetables and rich in protein-rich legumes.

Our homemade desserts are just the right amount of sweetness, and our artisanal philosophy does not use any additives or other preservatives. At La Tricoterie, eating becomes a healthy pleasure again !

A catering company that aims for zero-waste

From production to service, all our containers have been chosen to limit waste. We also favour presentation methods with edible containers, and we limit unnecessary dishes.

Zero waste objective !

We are working to reduce food waste as much as possible. We offer you solutions to recover any food leftovers, and we also work with the Îlot ASBL, which fights against homelessness and regularly recovers our surplus production to benefit people in need.