Our buildings - La Tricoterie - Fabrique de liens

Our buildings

Although our buildings are not (yet) passive, they have nevertheless undergone various
improvements aimed at improving their energy efficiency. These include the installation of solar panels, reinforced thermal and acoustic insulation, LED lighting and double-flow ventilation, all of which reduce energy loss.

In addition to these infrastructures, our concern for the environment is reflected in our choice of furniture. For example, we have set up a workshop in our basement, which allows us to practice upcycling and to manufacture a large part of our furniture (tables, chairs, counters, etc.) from recycled materials. We also use as much clean furniture as possible, in order to avoid the carbon footprint of transporting materials and renting furniture.

All our spaces are cleaned with ecological cleaning products. These products are purchased in small numbers, in high concentrations (allowing them to be diluted to use less) and in returnable containers whenever possible.

Future developments in our buildings include the installation of a beehive, the creation of a permaculture vegetable garden on our green roofs and the development of new
urban agriculture initiatives.