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Our sociocultural season

Our environmental engagement is also translated in our sociocultural program. This one counts many conferences and debate projections about the theme of ecological transition, which allows us to contribute efficiently to the sensibilisation of the public. We have the pleasure to receive Rob Hopkins or Arthur Keller. We also have as project to create from a to z performing Arts (theater, dance, circus, performances) who interrogate environmental questions, in order to use art as a reflexion and sensibilisation tool.

We think however that beyond this sensibilisation, the citizens need to acquire some practise to be engaged in the movement of transition. That’s why, we organise regularly a repair cafe as well as zero waste workshops, that has as ambition to give to the participants the keys of environmental action. We count at this moment 17 ateliers, we can cite the ateliers like “mange ton balcon”, kitchen of recuperation, conserve fabrication and biscuit, upcycling, vermicompost or cosmetic fabrication and maintenance.

At the end, every event, spectacle, concert as created in the unique optic of sustainable scenography. We are in the usually habits of the cultural and events sector, to build a decoration or temporary floor for a punctual event or to throw away the old material used.