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Direct involvement of the public and employees

At La Tricoterie, we are convinced that social sustainability requires the active involvement of all actors in the cultural and associative sector. This concerns the artists and the cultural venues, of course, but also the staff who work in these venues, and of course the public. This is why we have set up numerous initiatives to increase the involvement of our audience and our employees.

Our public plays an active role in our project through our cooperative : anyone who wants to can become a member of our cooperative Theodore, which owns our buildings and is in charge of our events and catering division. This structure makes it possible to further strengthen the link between the public and the cultural venue : spectators are not only actors in the artistic performance, they become real builders of the project.

In order to further strengthen this public involvement in the project, we now invite our co-operators to participate in the development of part of our season. Our aim here is to associate artists and associations to create synergies and a collective dynamic, while maintaining a common thread and common values that allow us to offer the public a unique, coherent programme that is nourished by different energies.

It is also important for us to create links within our internal organisation. This is why our employees are also being asked to play an increasingly active role in the management of our project. In addition to regular team buildings, we have set up collective intelligence sessions, which are the first step towards increasing the involvement of our team in our decision-making process.