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Integration in the life of the neighbourhood

Our mission of social cohesion necessarily involves our presence in our neighbourhood. Indeed, the lower part of Saint-Gilles (between the Barrière de Saint-Gilles and the Gare du Midi) is a particularly dense urban area, rich in cultural diversity.

We want all the inhabitants of the district to be able to take over our places, to make them their own and to find their place as citizens. This is why we regularly participate in numerous activities (Bethlehem party, #CapCultuur event and other neighbourhood parties and workshops) or set up partnerships with various local associations.

This participation in the life of the neighbourhood is made possible by our involvement in several local working groups :

  • Group created by the ASBL Ensemble pour 1060, which brings together numerous associations in Saint-Gilles and organises social cohesion activities
  • Culture group of the “Coordination de l’action sociale” ofe Saint-Gilles, supported by the CPAS Culture Unit, which organises cultural mediation activities
  • Monitoring meetings of the Municipal Plan for Cultural Policy carried out by the Culture Department of the Commune

It is also within this framework that La Tricoterie was involved in the Bosnia neighbourhood contract in 2014 and 2015, with the organisation of numerous activities such as improvisation workshops or citizen TV courses for women, young people and teenagers from the neighbourhood.

We want to continue this effort so that the Knitting Factory is as inclusive and diverse as possible. In this context, our ambition is to revitalise our collaboration with the neighbourhood associations and to increase the use of our spaces by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.