The artistic short circuit - La Tricoterie - Fabrique de liens

The artistic short circuit

Our commitment to a socially sustainable society also includes the relocation of culture. La Tricoterie is located in Saint-Gilles, a town that is full of associations and artists who lack visibility and yet have so much to share. We therefore give priority to these local artists and partners, by promoting their creations and giving them a space to express themselves.

We are thus moving away from the model of the international artist whose performance you come to see in a large hall before going home : instead, we value local artists, who perform in human-sized spaces and who establish
a real link with the spectator.

In this, we are in line with the dynamics of the Sophia Plan, elaborated by the Kaya Coalition, which proposes to create "cultural locals" aimed at a local audience. These actions open the way to the creation of short-circuit cultural events, which cultivate local cultural biodiversity.