Le Grand Bal Salé - NIDI d’ARAC in concert & La Festa

Le Grand Bal Salé - A mystic trad-innovative event for your salted souls.
A journey around Food, Music & Culture amongs old & new expressions.
A melting music energy from Southern Italy to the Bruxelles Underground.
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From 19h00 - Le Concert du Grand Bal Salé :

♪ ♫ NIDI D’ARAC ♫ ♪ (21h Salle des Arches)
Outstanding Electro Trad Folk Rock for the dance floor.
The Urban electro indie-rock new wave vibes meets
the traditional Southern Italian Folk.
20th Band Anniversary - New 8th Album Release "IT/ALIENS"
European Tour 2016 teaser ->

♪ ♫ LE PUPE CU L’OVA ♫ ♪ (20h Salle des Arches)
Swirly Sicilian/Tuscany songs of work, weddings, love and disdain

From 22h30 until 4h ♪ ♫ LA FESTA du Grand Bal Salé ♫ ♪

The Summer Rebellion (Can-Fr) > (Live Concert)
Wild Cavernous Carnival Freak Songs
Fanfara Electronica (Fr) > (Global Hybrid Records)
Ethno World Tribal Vibes - The essence of digital fanfare
Alizarina (Fr) presents "Melodic Blossom"
A hybrid Ethno-techno Tzigane kick to a melodic clarinet.
Tringle Loop Machine (It-Be) > Heavy bass from hip hop to breakbeat.
Bruno Brown Selecta (It-Be) > Alternative Punky Jamaican Dance Hall
▷ Carlositos Wey (Sp) > Groovie Rumbia Rockera
(Admission : 5€ or Free Entry with the ticket of the concert)

18h00 - 19h30 > Stage Initiation of Pizzica Dances (Only reservation)
19h00 - Typical Food, Bio Bar, Dance, Music and Culture !
20h00 - Opening Concert > LE PUPE CU L’OVA ♪ ♫
21h00 - Live Concert > NIDI D’ARAC ♪ ♫
22h30 - 4h00 > LA FESTA du GRAND BAL SALE

▷ Concert NIDI D’ARAC + LA FESTA du Grand Bal Salé ▷
Doors : 12€ - Presale : 9€ Here available
▷ LA FESTA du Grand Bal Salé ▷ 5€ - Only afterparty from 22h30 until late !

▷ Come early to taste the speciality of our chefs ! MENU :
— - "Piseddhru Cucìulu" di Vitigliano, purpu e patate : 6€
— - Lasagne alle Cime di Rapa : 6 €
— - Friselle di grano con pomodoro : 4 €
— - Focaccia farcita : 2 / 4 €

▷ Atelier initiation to the Pizzica-Pizzica dances by Emanuela Lodato
From 18h00 to 19h30 - More info & reservations -> info chez

▷ PHOTO EXPO "The Wood of memories" by Max Pelagatti Photography
Tribute to the Italian miners’ families in Marcinelle (Be)
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@ La Tricoterie - Rue Théodore Verhaegen, 158 - 1060 Bruxelles
TRAM 81-82-83 (Bethléem) - Metro Porte de Hal
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♪ ♫ NIDI D’ARAC ♫ ♪
Outstanding Electro Trad Folk Rock for the dance floor.
The Urban electro indie-rock new wave vibes meets
the traditional Southern Italian Folk.
20th Band Anniversary - New 8th Album Release "IT/ALIENS"
Teaser IT/ALIENS - Tour 2016 ->
Lu mare varcandu (Pop Up Live Sessions) ->
Videoclip GOCCE ->
Live - St Rocco’s rave

Since 1996 they have been experimenting with mixing the music of the Salento region of southern Italy with electronica and contemporary dance beats. Lead singer of the band is the eclectic musician from Lecce, Alessandro Coppola, whose creativity and love for his land have produced a passionate and mindful research of contents coming from the tradition, the music, the poetry, the folklore of the Mediterranean culture, acquired and elaborated.

”Migration leads people to revive and reinterpret the history of their homeland. At the same time, it is an opportunity to look at the image of our people as we look at a mirror covered in dust. Today we are part of a new phenomenon of migration from Italy towards other countries, mostly youth, who are forced to place their cultural identity aboard”. A. Coppola

Guests and runners up at the 1998 edition of the Italian award for young musicians ‘Premio Tenco’, they were the opening act for the Simple Minds concert in 1999, for the Robert Plant concert in Rome, nominated for the best album in dialect at the 2006 edition of ‘Premio Tenco’, opening act for Cesaria Evora during the Earth Day in Rome in 2008, they were selected at Babel Med Music in 2009, at Vic and at Womex in Copenhagen 2010, as opening act of Khaled in 2012, and performed at the prestigious Montreux Jazz and Womad Festival in UK, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

The music by Nidi d’Arac is pure pleasure of dance and sound, it is an ongoing party, it is emotional involvement, it is spirituality. The power of this versatile ensemble is an immediate and almost physical way through, thanks also to the audacious attempt of mixing the traditional triplets rhythm of the tambourine of the Salento ‘pizzica’ with the chaotic reality.

“Nidi D’Arac explore a crossover between the traditional musics of Southern Italy and new musical tendencies, the important thing here being that there are elements already present in the old that are sympathetically amplified by the new...there’s definitely something good going on in Italy.” (Ian Anderson - FRoots)

"Avec eux, la musique de transe du sud italien est revue à la lumière de l’histoire du rock entre punk et electro" (MondoMix).

“Una musica ricchissima e originale che unisce mondi e modi diversi” (Mucchio Selvaggio)

♪ ♫ LE PUPE CU L’OVA ♫ ♪
A journey in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea with this sicilian duo composed by Emanuela Lodato & Veronica Caggia propose a festive, swirling and life repertoire from their native island and with some incursion in Tuscany.
Song of work, love and disdain, fight and reconciliation exploring the multiple sides of their land, incredibly rich in traditions and contradictions…

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From 22h30 "LA FESTA du Grand Bal Salé" with

Born of the roaring thunder and crashing lightning, The Summer Rebellion recalls the burning flames of yesteryear and heralds the coming storm, when the slaves will open their eyes and see the truth through the failing summer sun. With the cavernous voice of David Koczij and thunderous accordion of Arthur Bacon, The Summer Rebellion arouses strong emotions with their particular brand of wild carnival freak song. Step right up and witness the modern day harbingers of the message, the truth and the dirt beneath the fingernails of our everyday saints.
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▷ FANFARA ELETTRONICA (Fr) ♫ (Global Hybrid Records)
World music fans & more precisely addicts to the Global Beats scene, undertook action to create musical hybridations, as rich as innovative with a free and liberate mixture of the electronic universe, rap and balkanic folk music. The very essence of this digital fanfare blows up every constraint and prejudice. Spirit for the freedom of wild electronic celebrations, give birth to an original musical clash.
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▷ ALIZARINA (Fr) ♫ (Global Hybrid Crew)
Alizarin is the name of a red pigment extracted from the roots of a plant. Alizarina mixes different influences vibes and now in tour presenting "Melodic Blossom" a hybrid Ethno-Techno Tzigane kick to a melodic clarinet. Fruit of travels and a strongly developed curiosity, his music will make you move, or not, but will surely stir you up to think !
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Video - >

t’s very hard to put in words the magnificient, raw, happy, outrageous, funny mix of reggae and rock of the duo of Tringle Loop Machine. Born as pure entertainment, the game became an ablaze roundabout, free expression of two guys jumpin’ in the streets of bruxelles, with nothing to lose. Their sets are like a stumbling, dirty-epic emotional rescue that open hidden windows, stupid, lost train between forgotten hills. From Napoli to Brussels, strictly influenced by Lee "Scratch" Perry and Maradona, a mix of heavy bass, from reggae to breakbeat.
Soundcloud ->

From Jamaica to the Mediterranean sea, sailing deep oceans through mythological Straits till the Continental Europe, carries your brains in a forgotten world. You will be captured by the vibes of reggae roots, raggamuffin, 2Tone, dancehall music !

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