Soirée caritative ’Flamentastico’

RANA ASBL invites you on Tuesday July 2nd at 6pm at La Tricoterie for a fundraising event !

To continue with their projects about refugees integration, they organize 2 concerts, 2 standup comedy shows, a majestic tombola and more.



Concerts :

- Amine Bourguiba : one of the top 10 singers in the Arab Idol competition, an Oud player that mixes Arabic and Western culture in a musical masterpiece.

- Arte Late : a Spanish-Belgian band whose harmony is grounded in cultural fraternity born through music, a successful story of culture and music in coexistence.

Amine and Arte Late are preparing a musical surprise for the public to show how art and music promote cultural fusion and integration.

Standup comedy :

- Stand up comedy with Basel Addoum and Jusef Madhloum : Basel is from Syria, came to Brussels a couple of years ago. He will address with humor the daily struggle of being a migrant in the Belgian bureaucratic structure. Whereas, Jusef is son to first generation Iraqi migrants and has many stories to share about having 2 identities with humor and jokes.

- A meeting with Ba Samba who used to be in slavery. He will share the incredible story of someone who escaped slavery and came to Brussels, who became not only an activist fighting slavery, but also raising awareness on the struggle of undocumented people in Belgium. Definitely a story to be heard and remembered.

Tombola :

An occasion for refugees and Europeans to come together for a win-win activity.

You can buy your ticket via :

Facebook event :

Tickets do not include drinks and food.

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