Soirées Globalicious


Globalicious is a cultural event and party launched by DJ and philosopher Bruselo aka Bleri Lleshi (co-creator of the Groovalicious concept). This event aims at raising awareness by discussing social and cultural issues, but also seeks to leading the audience to discover global grooves.

Through workshops, debates, talks and documentary screenings, we want to offer insight on global issues faced today all over the world, as well as solutions to these issues. We want to share with the people who join that alternatives are possible. We aspire not only to think and discuss, but also to ACT. Together, we will look for ways to support actions and projects for social justice and solidarity.

Globalicious is also a celebration of cultural diversity. We will offer concerts with music and dance workshops from all over the world, thereby introducing you to the diversity of Brussels and the world. Last but not least, Globalicious is also a party ! We will invite local and international DJs who will play global grooves and make you dance until the early hours.

This project is unique in Brussels and most probably in Europe…


Dates : Les 22.07, 19.08, 23.09, 27.10, 24.11 et 31.12
Horaire !!! : de 20H à 4H
Tarif : 8€ (toute la nuit)
Salle : dans toutes nos salles
Infos : globaliciousbxl chez - 0477228201

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