Rock’n Roll Workshops

From the Bonnefooi to your cousin’s wedding, Rock’n Roll has always been there. Now, if you want to give a boost to your dancing skills don’t miss our 3 workshops. Basic steps, Funky Moves and Acrobatics : you’ll get it all !

4 February - I want to become a rock’n rolla (Beginners)
Level : I don’t know no nothing ! Or maybe two or three steps learned in parties.
It’s gonna be an investment for your future parties. You gonna learn the Rock’n Roll rythme and the first steps everybody knows.

4 March - Funky Moves 2
Level : I assisted the first workshop or I already know the basic steps.
Learn our favorite secrets moves, the funky ones, the ones to flirt and how to add more styling.

1st April - Acrobatics 2

Level : I assisted the first workshop & top physical conditions
You want to impress your friends with some crazy acrobatics and make your partner fly !

Come with your own partner to guarantee a parity leader/follower.

>> Réservations :
On the ticket link :
camilletruyffaut chez - + 32 492 85 81 45

Dates et horaires :
- 4 février
- 4 mars
- 22 avril
de 17h à 20h

Tarifs :
- 27€ / pers / workshop
- 48€ /pers/ 2 workshops
- 63 € / pers/ 3 workshops

Salle :
Salle des Arches

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