Rock’n roll workshops

Rock’n Roll - Intensive Workshops Serie !

From the Bonnefooi to your cousin’s wedding, Rock’n Roll has always been there. Now, if you want to give a boost to your dancing skills don’t miss our 3 workshops. Basic steps, secret moves and impressive acrobatics : you’ll get it all !

01.10 - I want to become a rock’n rolla (beginners)

Level 0 : I don’t know no nothing ! Or maybe two or three steps learned in parties.
It’s gonna be an investment for your future parties. You gonna learn the Rock’n Roll rythme and the first steps everybody knows.

29.10 - Rock the Casbah with Turbo-Moves & Styling (intermediate)

Level 1 : I assisted the first workshop or I already know the basic steps.
Learn our favorite secrets moves, the funky ones, the ones to flirt and how to add more styling.

26.11 - Cool cats land on their feets (acrobatique)

Level : top physical conditions
You want to impress your friends with some crazy acrobatics and make your partner fly !
Come with your own partner to guarantee a parity leader/follower.

Dates et horaire :
01.10, 29.10 et 26.11, de 17h à 20h
Tarifs : 27€/pers/workshop
* Promotion : 48€/pers/2 workshops or 63€/pers/3 workshops —> if inscribed at once only
Salle : Salle des Arches
>> Réservations : camilletruyffaut chez - 0492858145

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