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Tricoteurs and Partners

Invest in an innovative, civic, socio-cultural project.

La Tricoterie is a wonderful human adventure that took flight thanks to citizens from different backgrounds who found each other in our values and activities.

Thanks to our legal form (a cooperative) we can build this project in a collective way, with capital that is enriched by the contributions of new partners who wish to invest in a civic, sustainable project.

But first of all being a "tricoteur" means to be willing to endorse a mindset of meeting and being interested in others, in short, to make the "Link Factory" possible.

La Tricoterie is indeed a participative project in which everybody is invited to take part, with a level of commitment they can freely choose. Three types of contribution are possible : you can either be a partner, a member, or simply part of our audience.

Become a partner

La Tricoterie is managed by both a non-profit organisation and a cooperative.

The latter has opened its capital to contributors who believe in the project and who wish to invest in a responsible, civic project. We are not talking about patronage or sponsoring ; your money will be converted in "shares" with an objective value.

The capital increase will allow us to further develop the project and to continue the renovation of the building.

There is still more than 500 m² for which we have already drawn up architectural plans. Moreover, a new partner has suggested a new project : the creation of a hanging garden in our courtyard, covering an auditorium with 130 seats and specific acoustics for chamber music.

Little by little we put together "budgetary envelopes" that allow us to progress with the renovation of the building. The partners’ money is spent in its entirety on the building, so that the real estate value rises together with the capital (thanks to cautious, sustainable management).

A large number of partners have already joined us and we are still hoping to enlarge our network. You can already participate for less than 200 euros !
Contact us for more information.


Become a member !

We offer you our annual membership card (€ 50). The "Tricoteur" card entitles you to two free tickets for a concert/performance of your choice, an organic fruit juice with every (large) brunch ordered, and discounts all year long on our various activities !