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Become a co-operator

Join the collective adventure

La Tricoterie is a wonderful human adventure which has taken off thanks to citizens from different backgrounds who share our values and activities. The big family of "knitters" gathers all the people who have one day pushed our door and who have contributed, or still contribute, to give life to our "Link Factory".

However, you can take an even more active part in our project by becoming a co-operator, i.e. by subscribing to one or more shares in our cooperative Théodore. The value of the shares is established each year by the general assembly. As an indication, it was 230€ per share in the year 2021.

By becoming a co-operator, you too become the owner of a part of our buildings and of this great collective project that is La Tricoterie. It is not a question of patronage, donation or sponsoring, but rather of purchasing shares which have an objective value : becoming a co-operator is therefore a real responsible and civic investment.

The money of the co-operators is generally dedicated to buildings or investments (notably energy), which allow us to increase proportionally the value of the cooperative’s real estate assets, always within the framework of a prudent and sustainable management. Your shares are thus likely to increase in value as our project develops and as we expand, renovate, and invest in our buildings.

Advantages for cooperators

Becoming a cooperator gives you access to several rights and advantages :

  • • You benefit from a right to vote and participate in the general assemblies of Theodore SC, during which you give your opinion on the questions and issues that are submitted to you.
  • • You help us design our cultural programm, by voting on a selection of artists, activities and themes.
  • • You receive a Trico-pass, which gives you free access to part of our cultural activities and offers you free drinks and other benefits.
  • • You can receive dividends depending on the results of Theodore SC and the decisions of its board of directors. However, please be aware that paying dividends is not currently one of our priorities, as our profits are mainly used to develop our cultural activities and to fairly compensate our employees and partners.

If you have any questions about our business model and legal structure or if you would like to become a co-operator, please contact Chloé at chloe (at) !